High-level Overview

Keeping up with the increasing size and complexity of today IT infrastructures and the need to always guarantee a optimal operations of applications and business services they sustain, organizations often face numerous challenges for correlating IT problems (e.g. a failed server) with actual impact on applications and business services (e.g. billing service). That’s where RealOpInsight comes in, enables IT staffs to deal with the monitoring with focus on applications and business services.

By this way RealOpInsight allows to organization to maximize the productivity of their IT staffs by helping them to address situations like:

  • Quickly assess how any defect on IT components can impact applications and business services.
  • To be able to prioritize recovery of incidents based on their impacts.
  • Know at each time (real time) the actual status of applications, business services and end-user services.
  • Assess which applications or end-user services are affected by a given incident.
  • Easily determine which applications or business services depend on a given hardware.
  • To be able to report certain incidents to users able to address them quickly.
  • Modeling IT monitoring and operations in a way that covers the wide ranges of cloud-based IT environments: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as hybrid environments comprised of on-premise and cloud resources.

Let’s take an example to illustrate situations that RealOpInsight can help to address. Consider a storage service that relies on two mirrored disks. If one of the disks fails, the storage service shall still operate – even if in a degraded mode. In such a case, we would not want to report the status of the storage area as critical. Instead, since the storage service continues to operate in a degraded way, we would want to mark its status as degraded (major impact, but not critical) to let operations team take appropriate action according to the actual status of the service.

You can find a lot of similar situations in today IT environments. Whether it’s with your database services, your web servers, your network environments, and so forth, this requires to add more intelligence in monitoring in order to be effective. That’s where RealOpInsight comes in with unique features to make your monitoring easy. RealOpInsight enables generic and flexible business service monitoring dashboard toolkit compatible with various monitoring systems, including, Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Centreon, Icinga, op5, and more. It serves as a central point to aggregate and correlate events in homogeneous and heterogeneous distributed monitoring environments. Moreover, the RealOpInsight powerful business intelligence engine allows you to have, at each time, an accurate insight on the health of your applications and business services.

Why use RealOpInsight

RealOpInsight features unique capabilities in the IT monitoring market. Using RealOpInsight, you adhere to a philosophy that enables effective monitoring with the following benefits:

Service-oriented and business-centric monitoring
You no longer need to care about incidents that don’t impact your business. Why to have in your dashboards information that doesn’t impact business? With RealOpInsight, your dashboards are business-centric, i.e. built with focus on what is relevant for your business, not what has been collected by your monitoring system. Read more
Monitor agnostic, reusing, easy extensibility
No need to reinvent the wheel, RealOpInsight allows to collect and aggregate data from a wide range of existing monitoring systems and enables on top of them a unique, holistic and integrated framework that brings distributed and heterogeneous monitoring systems together within unified dashboards. Read more
Advanced, and flexible event processing
With RealOpInsight, monitoring is built upon a service dependencies. Like in real life, a service may depend on one or several subservices, and in turn, a subservice may also have subservices. This leads to complex status calculation rules that RealOpInsight enables you to handle in an easy, yet powerful way. Read more
Delegating management
Do you have a large IT, a multitenant environment, or just want to delegate the management of your critical applications to dedicated users? RealOpInsight allows you to easily organize your IT as set of applications and services manageable by separated (authorized) groups of users. Read more
Comprehensive Monitoring
RealOpInsight enables you to set contextual event messages, which allow you to set specific messages to show on the operations console when events occur or are resolved. Stop with boring messages like DISK CRITICAL - free space: / 5483 MB (28% inode=67%). With RealOpInsight you can get better human-comprehensive messages, like The free space available in the server <hostname/IP> root partition is less than 30%. Read more