Installation of RealOpInsight Workstation

This chapter covers the installation of RealOpInsight Workstation from sources and from binary packages on Windows, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian and Ubuntu. According to your operating system and the installation approach you’ll choose, you may need to install dependencies.


Note for OS X users: there is not yet binary packages. To compile the software from sources, we recommend you to install MacPorts and go through this nice article, written by Richard Gate. Note however that all hacks presented in the article are fixed in RealOpInsight since the version 2.4.0. Hence you don’t normally need to hack.


Runtime dependencies

RealOpInsight Workstation requires the following libraries at runtime:

  • The GNU Standard C++ Library (libstdc++ >= 4.6.x)
  • Qt >= 4.7. Required modules: QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork, QtWebkit, QtXml, QtScript.
  • ZeroMQ 2.x or 3.x. ZeroMQ 3.x is supported only since RealOpInsight Workstation v2.2.0.
  • Graphviz >= 2.20.2


For Windows users, the setup program comprises all these dependencies. Hence no additional installation is required.

On Linux, these dependencies are included in all major distributions and can be easily installed through the package manager (yum, apt-get, zypper, etc). The names of the packages may vary from a distribution to another.

Compilation dependencies

The following dependencies are required only if you’re planning the installation from sources:

  • The GNU C++ compiler (g++)
  • The GNU make utility (make)
  • ZeroMQ development files
  • Qt development files
  • The development files for GNU Standard C++ Library (libstdc++6-dev)

Installing the dependencies on Fedora

$ sudo yum install gcc-c++ glibc libgcc libstdc++ make qt4-devel qt-webkit-devel zeromq-devel graphviz

Installing of dependencies on openSUSE

$ sudo zypper install gcc-c++ libstdc++ make libqt4-devel libQtWebKit libQtWebKit-devel zeromq-devel graphviz

Installing the dependencies on Debian and Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install g++ libzmq1 libzmq-dev libqt4-dev  libqt4-webkit graphviz


Go to the download page and get an appropriate tarball or binary package.


Once the download completed, go to the suitable installation section:

Installation from sources

Perform the following commands:

$ tar zxf realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z.tar.gz   # replace X.Y.Z by your version
$ cd realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z
$ ./install-sh                         # may require root privileges

By default, the program binaries are installed in /usr/local. You can change the default location using the option -d of the install script. Type install-sh -h for more details.


If you’re using zeromq 2.x and c++11, a compiling issue (error: ‘swap’ is not a member of ‘std’) has been reported. The solution is to patch zmq.hpp by adding #include <algorithm> in the header [1].

Installation on Windows

The setup program comprises the binaries and their dependencies, just launch the setup program. Once the installation completed, the programs are accessible from the Start Menu:

Start -> RealOpInsight Workstation

Installation on Fedora and openSUSE

$ sudo rpm -i /path/to/realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z.rpm

Replace /path/to/realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z.rpm with the path of the downloaded binary package.

Installation on Ubuntu

$ sudo dpkg -i /path/to/realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z.deb

Replace /path/to/realopinsight-workstation-X.Y.Z.deb with the path to the downloaded binary package.

Check the Installation

Installed Programs

RealOpInsight Workstation is comprised in the following programs:

Each of these programs has a help page (option -h) as well as a man page.

Start -> RealOpInsight Workstation

Built-in Users

RealOpInsight Workstation comes with the following default built-in users:

Operator User (Limited Privileges)

  • Login: ngrt4n_op
  • Default password: ngrt4n_op

Administrator User (Full Privileges)

  • Login: ngrt4n_adm
  • Default password: ngrt4n_adm

Get Started

The next steps after the installation is to: