RealOpInsight Ultimate Features Activation

About Features Activation

Starting from version 2015r1, RealOpInsight Ultimate requires an activation token to unlock certain capabilities. Before this version, i.e. until version 2014b8 included, no activation was required. You can hence continue to use those versions of the software without any limitations.

Listed below, the activation offers target different sizes of monitoring environments:

  • Starter: targets small monitoring environments with a single monitoring server (known as data source in RealOpInsight terminology). This offer also targets organizations wanting to try the software in order to have an overview.
  • Small Business: targets small-size monitoring environments with a single monitoring server, and the ability to request technical support.
  • Middle Business: targets middle-size monitoring environments with up to 2 monitoring servers, and the ability to request technical support.
  • Enterprise: Target large-size monitoring environments with up to 5 monitoring servers, and the ability to request technical support.
  • Corporate: targets very large-size monitoring environments or environments with more than 5 monitoring servers, with the ability to request technical support.

Unless otherwise stated, all the features of RealOpInsight Ultimate are supported by the different activation offers. The following table lists their differentiation features.

Features/Offers Starter Small Business Middle Business Enterprise Corporate
Max managed business service maps 8 20 50 100 Unlimited
Max items per business service map Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max monitoring data sources 1 2 4 10 Unlimited
Technical support incidents/year 0 2 3 5 Upon quote

While the Starter offer is free of charge and requires no activation token, all the other offers require an activation token that you can purchase via our Web Store.

How to Activate your Installation

The following steps assume that you’re using RealOpInsight Ultimate 2015r1 or later, and that you have successfully purchased an activation token:

  • Start the RealOpInsight Ultimate web interface and log on as administrator.

  • Select the menu Settings -> Activation to display the activation form.

  • Copy and paste your activation token in the License field.

  • Click on the Activate button to submit your input. A notification message will be displayed to tell you whether the activation succeeded or not.

At ant time, you can display your license offer by selecting the menu Help -> About. As as shown by the following screenshot, the name of your license offer shall be displayed next to the License entry. If no license token is found or if your license token is not valid, the license offer shall be Starter.


Purchase a License Token

Activation keys can be purchased via our Web Store.

Once your purchasing has been completed and validated by us, we will contact you as soon as possible to request the following information, which are required in order to deliver your RealOpInsight Ultimate activation token:

  • The hostname of your RealOpInsight Ultimate server. This must be the result of hostname command.
  • The host id of the same server. This must be the result of hostid command.
  • The version of RealOpInsight Ultimate (e.g. 2014r1).


  • The same activation token can be used with all patch versions of the same major release of RealOpInsight Ultimate (patch releases share the same year prefix). E.g. if you have activated the version 2015r1 of the software, you can upgrade your installation towards any versions starting with 2014 (e.g. 2015r1.1, 2015r2), without needing to purchase another activation token.
  • Activation tokens are not valid across major releases (i.e. versions that do not have the same year prefix). E.g. If you upgrade your installation from version 2014r1 to version 2016r1, your activation token would be no longer valid. You must thus purchase an activation token for the new version.