RealOpInsight Ultimate Operator Guide

The role of regular users, or namely operator users, in the context of RealOpInsight Ultimate is to operate views assigned to them. When signed in as operator you have limited access according to views assigned to you. You don’t have any administration privileges, but can have read-only access to monitoring settings. You also have the ability to update your account settings, including your password.

Login & Get Started

To connect into the RealOpInsight system as regular user, you need to have an account created and enabled as operator user. If it’s not yet the case, consult your administrators. Once you had a valid account, launch a browser and to the URL of the RealOpInsight Portal. Then fill in the login form with your username and your password and submit the form. After successfully logging, the operations console shall be loaded.

The Operations Console

After the connexion, the user will be redirected to the RealOpInsight Ultimate operator home. This page gives, thanks to thumbnails and event feeds, an overview of the healthy of all the platforms/views assigned to the logged user. Each view assigned to the user is displayed in a separated tab. The background of the tab title bar reflects the status of the related business view (normal or, if not, the level of impact: minor, major, critical, unknown).

The below figure shows an example of operations console.


To get access to detailed information about each view, you can, at your option, either click on the related thumbnail or select the tab. Additionally, when you click on an item in the event feeds, the related view tab shall be opened automatically.

User Information and Password

To get access to account settings, click to your profile menu (Signed as <user>) and select Show Account & Settings.

Here are steps to update account settings:

  • Select the menu My Account from the menu pane. If you’d rather want to change your password, select instead Change password.
  • By default your account user information are read-only, click on Update to enable updating.
  • Make the changes and click again on Update to apply them, a confirmation message will inform you about the completion status.

Monitoring Source Settings

In case of troubles related to the views assigned to them, it could be useful to operators to display the monitoring settings to make first investigations about the troubles. This is notably useful to avoid that operators contact administrators for issues that are related to the operator’s local environment, and not global.

Here are steps to get access to monitoring settings:

  • Select the profile menu (Signed as <operator>).
  • Click on Show Account & Settings, this will show the Account & Settings tab.
  • Select the menu Monitoring Settings from the menu.
  • Use the source selection box to select the source you want to verify. Other fields are read only, so if you find issues contact your administrator to request the changes.